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Control and lock your privacy settings

Control and lock your privacy settings
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If you've been keeping up with what's Happening Now, then you know how important your digital privacy is. The NSA, hackers and advertisers all want your information, and it doesn't look like they're going to stop trying to get it any time soon.

One easy place for them to get your data is social media. Sure, you can manage your privacy settings on your social media accounts manually, but you might miss something if you aren't careful. Fortunately, there's something that can help.

AVG PrivacyFix is a browser add-on that locks down your privacy settings on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn to keep you protected in the best way possible.

PrivacyFix will alert you when privacy policies change and ruin your settings. You can control how your profile appears in search results, stop Facebook and other social media from tracking you on other sites, and change other settings to lock down your profile.

Did you know that corporations assign you a dollar amount? AVG can even show you what you're worth in advertising revenue to Facebook, Google and other big companies.

This versatile program will also give you privacy warnings when you visit websites, and tell you if your email address is being used without your permission.

Even better, AVG won't just do things without telling you. It gives you the pros and cons of each privacy setting so you know exactly what's protected and what's not.

You can also get an app version of AVG PrivacyFix for your smartphone or tablet to keep yourself from being tracked through your wireless connection when you're out and about.

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