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Easily store and share photos, videos, documents, and more - for free

Easily store and share photos, videos, documents, and more - for free
Microsoft OneDrive

Does this sound familiar at all? You have a great photo of your family that you want to show off to a friend, but when you go to find it in your phone, it's not there.

Maybe it's in your Facebook albums? No, but what about on your computer? Maybe your tablet?

It gets so frustrating! Having multiple gadgets seems like a great idea, but sometimes things like photos and documents get lost in the shuffle.

You can try to load copies of everything on every gadget that you own, but no one really has time for that. What you really need is something to sync everything up for you.

A cloud service like Microsoft's OneDrive, formerly SkyDrive, can do the job. It will store your photos, videos, documents and more online so any of your gadgets can open them no matter where you are.

Important: Cloud storage isn't the same thing as having a backup of your files. Click here to learn the difference.

OneDrive is really simple to use, and free to boot. You can get seven gigabytes of storage just by signing up for a free account.

You can even share files with other people. To share a photo, for example, just send an email with a link to photo you want to share. The person can open it, but only that photo. No attachments, and no worries about others getting into your cloud storage.

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