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Calculate your PC's energy use 

Calculate your PC's energy use 
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Have you ever wondered just how much energy your computer actually uses? It's probably more than a toaster and less than refrigerator, but that's not very precise.

If you're really curious, you can download a program that can tell you exactly how much power your desktop or laptop is using and help you calculate your power costs.

It's called Joulemeter and it tells you how much power your computer is using when it's working, resting idle, and sleeping.

That's right, even when your computer is sleeping it still draws power. If you're worried about energy costs, find out if Hibernate would be better.

Joulemeter even tracks parts of your computer like screen brightness and the processor use so you know where the energy is going.

The program itself is quite simple. Once you download it, it will automatically minimize to your system tray down by the clock. You can call it up whenever you need to check the power consumption and it will display the current wattage use as the computer is working.

Microsoft recommends using an external power meter to get more accurate results from Joulemeter on a desktop, but it's not mandatory.

Note: This program is for Windows 7 users only. Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users will not be able to download the program.

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