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Free legal forms

Free legal forms

Like it or not, our day-to-day lives run on bureaucracy. From deeds to declarations, leases to living wills, there’s always some kind of paperwork that needs to be filled out.


There are so many official forms. Many of them are so highly specialized it takes a lawyer to figure them out.

Most folks don’t even know where to start drafting a contract or writing a proper receipt for goods or services. It’s all so complex! Plus, one little mistake could have expensive consequences.

I can give you great advice when it comes to technology, but I’m not a professional lawyer. If you have legal questions, look up one in your area.

That being said, you might be able to get by with the right form. You can find plenty at FindLegalForms.com. Browse by category or search the site for what you’re doing.

Then you can download the form as either a DOC or PDF file. From there it’s easy to print or edit your document.

In addition to U.S. legal forms, this site also has forms available for Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and India.

When you visit non-U.S. sites, you will need to manuallyadd “/free-forms/” (minutes quotes)to the end of the address to find the free forms. For example, http://canada.findlegalforms.com/free-forms/

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