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Hundreds of free great audiobooks for any gadget you own

Hundreds of free great audiobooks for any gadget you own
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Audiobooks are perfect for long car rides, jogging excursions and for people who don't have time to read. You can fit an entire library of audiobooks on your iPod, phone or tablet, making them super-convenient.

Whether you want to give them a try for the first time or you've exhausted your existing supply, you're probably looking for a good source of audiobooks. Allow me to oblige.


You won't need to spend a dime to fill your mobile gadget or computer with books. Open Culture collects and curates a list of over 500 free audiobooks.

Mostly this list contains classics like Byron, Bronte and Dickens, but you'll also find more modern masters such as Bradbury, Gaiman and Cheever.

Open Culture has a few different ways for you to enjoy these books on the go, including links to audiobooks that play though iTunes, and regular MP3 files. There are also links for YouTube, which you won't be able to save to your MP3 player or computer - they're streaming only.

Some of the links will provide you with a free audiobook from Audible. Audible is Amazon's audiobook distribution service and will provide you with the audiobook free of charge as part of a promotional deal.

Audiobooks from Audible will require you to sign up before downloading your free book. When you sign up, you'll get a month for free before you decide whether or not to continue your subscription or opt out.

If you decide to opt out, you can keep your free audiobook and cancel your subscription. You may choose to avoid Audible altogether, in which case there are still plenty of options for free iTunes downloads or direct MP3 downloads.

Download Instructions

To download an audiobook from Open Culture, navigate to the Open Culture home page and click the blue text link next to the title. The iTunes link will allow you to download the audiobook from iTunes for your Apple gadgets.

Clicking the MP3 link will download the audiobook in MP3 format and make it playable on most of your other gadgets. Click here for a free program that can play any file on any computer. 

Note: Sometimes the MP3 files will also be named "Free Zip File." It just makes the audio files faster and easier to download.

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