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3 free money management tools

The new year is here and you're probably starting to get the bills from Christmas shopping and travel. Trying to keep several bank accounts and credit cards straight so you don't miss any payments is a serious headache.


Even if you're in good financial shape, you want to make sure you stay there. That means managing your money the smart way.

Fortunately, you don't have to spend money to manage money. These free tools will do the heavy lifting for you.

AceMoney Lite - If you're just starting out with money management, this program is a good option. It's a solid budgeting tool that isn't hard to use, but includes some advanced features like investment tracking.

GnuCash - Do your household finances resemble a small business? Maybe you actually have a small business. This program is for you.

It handles any situation from balancing a checkbook to business-style accounts-receivable information, investments and much more. The learning curve is a bit steep, so I'd recommend it only for experienced users.

dsBudget - Not everyone needs an "everything and the kitchen sink" budgeting tool. If all you need is a quick, basic financial plan, try this simple program.

Simply add your income, expenses and budgeting plan. It does all the rest in a clean, easy-to-understand layout. Enter your spending under each category and see where your money is really going.

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