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Easily catch intruders on your Wi-Fi

An open Wi-Fi network is an invitation for anyone to hop on. From neighbors to hackers, you could be hosting a party that slows down your connection, endangers your information or even gets you in legal trouble.


That’s why I always recommend encrypting your wireless connection – click here to learn how. Of course, there are still ways people can sneak on to your network if you aren’t careful. But how would you know?

SoftPerfect Wi-Fi Guard can help you make sure your connection stays secure. It keeps track of all the gadgets using your network. You can quickly spot any that you don’t recognize.

It can handle up to 32 devices at the same time. Once a scan is performed, go to the Properties tab and select the gadgets you recognize. Choose the “I know this computer or device” to give that gadget future clearance.

There are some confusing ads on the download page. To get the program, scroll all the way down to the box with the grey header, select the version you want and click Download Wi-Fi Guard.

There is also a portable version of SoftPerfect Wi-Fi Guard available. You can download it to any USB drive and extract the files. You can use the portable scanner on any computer, so you will know that your Wi-Fi is safe no matter where you go.

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