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Easily catch intruders on your Wi-Fi

Easily catch intruders on your Wi-Fi
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I know that I've said this a lot, but it's really important so I'm going to say it again: You have to secure your Wi-Fi! There's no excuse for an unsecured Internet connection.


An open Wi-Fi network is an invitation for anyone to hop on. From neighbors to hackers, you could be hosting a party that slows down your connection, puts your information at risk or even gets you in legal trouble.

If you don't know how to secure your Wi-Fi or have been putting it off, click here to find out how you can secure it in minutes. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Of course, there are still ways people can sneak onto your network if you aren't careful. The trick is catching them red-handed.

SoftPerfect Wi-Fi Guard can help you make sure your connection stays secure. It shows you a list of gadgets using your network, so you can quickly spot any that you don't recognize.

A scan shows what gadgets the program recognizes - those will appear in green. Connections it marks in red are unrecognized or unauthorized.

The SoftPerfect Wi-Fi Guard doesn't kick unauthorized users off of your Wi-Fi connection. You must change your router settings and update your passwords to keep pesky Internet leeches off of your connection.

If some of your valid connections are marked in red, select them and click on the Properties tab. From here, you can choose "I know this computer" to give that gadget future clearance.

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