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Add old-school features to your computer

Add old-school features to your computer
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Isn't it a great feeling to sit down at your computer and know exactly where everything is? But when it comes time to upgrade to a new operating system (OS), things get moved around, deleted or simply forgotten about.

Upgrading to a newer system can be difficult for folks who have been used to an older operating system, and I don't blame them. Remember when Windows 8 got rid of the Start button? Having to relearn how to use your computer isn't fun, and nobody really has time for that.

If the familiar feel of older versions of Windows has been holding you back from upgrading, then I have the perfect solution for you. A program called Shell will put you back in your comfort zone.

Windows users seem to love the chance to customize their experience; Shell has over 15 million downloads so far. So, take a look at what Shell can do and make your computer experience look the way you want it to.

Classic Shell can give you back the desktop experience you remember from past versions of Windows, from 95 to Vista. You'll still have the power and safety of more recent versions with the comfort of older ones.

Not only that, it can add some customization features to your operating system. You can change the look and feel of the Start menu, folder and even the Start button.

Shell gives you a range of customizable options for the Windows Start menu and the file Explorer. You can restore old settings you liked and keep the newer ones that you prefer.

The Start menu options let you choose between the classic menu that was featured in Windows XP, the newer Windows 7 menu or another two-column menu option. You can also customize your experience in the Explorer window you use to search for files and open up folders by choosing between the Windows 7 or XP styles.

Even better, you can add more features like different tools to your toolbar for commonly used functions like delete, cut and paste and create a new folder. You can also add a caption and status bar to your Internet Explorer window.

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