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Temporarily block addicting websites and distractions

Temporarily block addicting websites and distractions

Nothing is easier than opening up a favorite website or two and losing track of time. That’s fine when you have time to spare, but it’s a killer at work or when you have important things to do.


In situations where you can’t afford distractions, Cold Turkey is your answer. You can choose common distracting sites to block, or add your own custom sites.

Set how long you need to avoid distractions and then click the Go Cold Turkey! button. Until the timer is up, those sites will be completely inaccessible from any browser.

Even restarting the computer or uninstalling the program won’t unblock them! In fact, too many attempts to disable Cold Turkey will block those sites for a week. So, don’t go crazy with how long you block things.

The free version of Cold Turkey can block websites from 10 minutes to a week. There is a paid version of Cold Turkey that extends the block time to 30 days and blocks programs, too.

Warning: If you’re using this program for the first time, I recommend taking it slow. Try blocking in increments of 30 minutes or an hour.¬†Also, be sure to double-check the timer before you start blocking. You don’t want to accidentally block your favorite sites for a few days.

Download Instructions

To download Cold Turkey, navigate to the Cold Turkey home page and click the blue “Download Now” button. You will be shown two donation slider bars labeled “How Much Will You Pay” and “What Percentage Goes to Charity.”

You can move the sliders all the way to the left so that both values equal zero. This is a free program, but the donations can go to either the creator of Cold Turkey or to the Against Malaria Foundation, or both. It’s up to you how much you want to donate, if anything.

If you’ve moved the sliders to zero, click the blue “Install” button and your download should begin immediately. I recommend using the default settings; there is no bloatware to avoid.

Run the installer. There will be a pop-up asking to install Microsoft.net. This is the part of the program that will help to block those sites and programs from distracting you. It’s okay to install, but be forwarned that it will take a little while.

Cold Turkey will start up as soon as the installation is complete. Now you can be productive for as long as you need!

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