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Every computer should have this smarter spell check

Every computer should have this smarter spell check
Ginger Proofreader

Spell check is one of the best and worst features of any word processor. On the plus side, it means you make fewer embarrassing spelling errors. On the downside, many people don't really proofread what they write anymore.


That's unfortunate because standard spell check can only catch certain types of typos. It won't, for example, catch a real word that was used in the wrong place.

Imagine you send a co-worker this message in an email: "Let's grab a bear after work."

Unless you're planning on snatching a grizzly on the way home from the office, you've just made a typo that your spell check program won't catch! It's even grammatically correct, so you won't see the green squiggly line underneath in Word or Outlook.

Ginger Proofreader is a spell checker that knows what you meant to say. It's a free download that can analyze the context of your sentences and catch errors most spelling and grammar checkers will miss.

It works on anything you type in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Just download the program and activate the browser plug-ins.

To check text, select a passage and press the F2 key. You can also rephrase your sentences and translate them to different languages. It even includes tools like text-to-speech and a personal trainer to help ESL users improve their English.

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