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Customize your Bible

Good Bibles have a tendency to stick with you. Eventually, the margins are covered with notes, and the accumulated rainbow of highlighted text makes your Bible black, white, pink, yellow, orange, blue and red all over.

Unfortunately, many Bible study programs aren't quite so easy to customize. You can take notes, sure, but can you really make it your own the way you can a good leather-bound Bible?


If you have The Word, you can! This free software allows you to alter the interface, indexes, windows and preferences down to the little details. You can still take notes and highlight too.

It's completely free and runs relatively quickly and easily. You can load it onto a USB flash drive to take it with you, and download add-on modules for free. It comes with four versions of the text, but you can also download more.

Cost: Free

Link: www.theword.net

System: Windows XP, Vista, 7

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