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Stock your e-book library for free

E-books are changing the way we read. They're the only way to fit an entire library in your purse or pocket.

Though they're cheaper than their print counterparts, e-books still cost money. Actually filling your device with these digital wonders could be costly.


Fortunately, these sites offer thousands of e-books at no charge. In addition, all of them offer books in multiple formats. They make it easy to find the one that works for most of your devices.

eBooksRead - This site offers a huge collection of e-books. No matter your favorite genre, you're sure to find something you'll love among the 300,000 books on eBooksRead.

This site also recommends other authors based on your favorites. You'll find pages for similar writers embedded right into the search page for easy navigation.

Feedbooks - When a site has hundreds of thousands of books, it might be hard to find the one you're looking for. Feedbooks has a picture-based search system that makes it easy to find the perfect book for you.

In addition to the classics, Feedbooks also has a host of recent books by lesser-known authors. Check the "Original Books" section of the site - you may find your next favorite author!

Note: Because this site accepts many books from online authors, you may find some racy material. There are several books dealing with adult themes, and some have questionable covers. This site may not be the best for the kids.

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