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Make Facebook work the way you want

Make Facebook work the way you want
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A lot of nasty arguments took place on social media because of the 2016 presidential election. And the drama isn't over yet. Every day I see a new post about politics.

If you're like me then you've had enough. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to filter out posts about politics or other topics you're tired of hearing about?

Social Fixer is the answer! It's a free browser add-on that's easy to use and doesn't take up much space on your computer. In fact, the program used to be called "Better Facebook" because that's exactly what it does.

There's a pre-made filter that can hide politics from your News Feed and you can create your own filters to hide posts with certain keywords. You can also hide posts you've already read and prevent Facebook from displaying your recent activity.

Want to reorganize the layout of your page, or even add a customized theme? It can do that, too. Perhaps best of all, Social Fixer enables you to block annoying ads. Keep in mind, though, that it can't change what other people see when they look at your profile.

Note: Social Fixer isn't the only way to enhance your Facebook experience. Here are 7 Facebook tips only power users know.

It's the perfect way to customize your Facebook page without having to fuss about constantly changing settings and preferences.

If you want to download this extension, Social Fixer will detect which browser you're using and display a new blue "Download Now" button for you to click. It's available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Unfortunately, this add-on isn't available for Internet Explorer but a version for Microsoft Edge is coming soon.

Social Fixer for Facebook is a free download and will not prompt you for money. If a download or add-on you have selected is a paid program, you have selected the wrong one. If you decide you don't like it then you can always disable Social Fixer through the settings in your browser.

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