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3 ways to figure out a song

Ever hear a song in a movie or TV show and want to know what it is? Maybe you have a song fragment stuck in your head, but can't remember the title.

Don't worry; technology is here to help. These services can help you find the song through singing, humming, real-time identification, playing the melody and many other methods.

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Shazam - This smartphone app can listen to and identify a song in a snap. Open the program and hold your phone up to the music source. Then, tap Tag and Shazam will identify the song for you.

It links to iTunes so you can buy the song. It also links to related videos on YouTube and allows you to share music with friends.

Midomi - What if you have a fragment of a song stuck in your head? Give this service a try. You can sing or hum the melody into your computer's microphone and Midomi will find the song.

Midomi can also identify songs from an audio clip, if you have one. Need this ability on the go? Midomi has a paid smartphone app called SoundHound.

Musipedia - This online encyclopedia of music has powerful tune-finding services. You can enter a melody with a virtual keyboard, search by melody contour, sing or hum the melody or just enter the song's rhythm.

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