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A simple Wi-Fi backup tool

Wireless networks are a commonplace feature of most homes. However, wireless networks aren’t just confined to homes. You’ll find them at businesses, hotels, airports and coffee shops. It’s great technology for travelers on the go.


Keeping track of all these networks could get tedious. Fortunately, Windows includes a built-in Wi-Fi network manager. This keeps track of all the Wi-Fi networks you’ve connected to. When you’re in range of a familiar network, it logs you in automatically.

That’s great if you use multiple networks regularly. However, there’s one thing no one ever thinks about. What happens when you get a new computer? What happens if your current computer crashes?

You have to redo all your Wi-Fi network settings. That can be a serious hassle. It’s even worse if you forgot a network’s password. You might be locked out until you can find it again.

That’s where Wifi Backup can be a life-saver. It backs up your computer’s stored wireless networks to a file. You can then restore this file later on a new computer. All your Wi-Fi settings will be restored in a snap.

Note that this program doesn’t require installation. This can cause some security software to flag it as a virus. Don’t worry; it’s virus free.

This program may also require Microsoft’s .NET framework to run properly. If you get an error message, download .NET framework from Windows Update.

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A freebie to back up your Wi-Fi settings
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