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Add cuteness to your desktop

Who could say no to an adorable little penguin this holiday season? No one. The way they waddle around is so darn cute!


OK, I know penguins and Christmas don't technically go together. Penguins live at the South Pole, after all. Still, who doesn't want cute penguins on their desktop?

WinPenguins assaults your desktop with a whole army of penguins. They waddle all over your screen. They walk on your windows, bump into each other and generally brighten your day.

You could use WinPenguins as a screensaver, or you could give it to a friend. It's sure to make them smile.

WinPenguins is a portable program. You don't need an installer to make it work. But it may be flagged as a virus by your security software. Don't worry; it's safe.

Cost: Free

Link: portableapps.com

System: Windows XP, Vista, 7

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