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Dominate your to-do list with this handy timer

Dominate your to-do list with this handy timer

When you need something to help you stay focused, I'm sure you have your own little tricks. A gummy bear at the end of a page helps to motivate kids to study, but what about adults?

Sometimes powering through and finishing a project can work, but it's not recommended. Working on a project little bits at a time can be more beneficial than making yourself sit and focus for long periods. You've probably heard of the Pomodoro technique

A great way to keep yourself on task is to set small time limits, generally half an hour or so, and then taking a 5 minute break. This helps you to get in the groove sooner and feel more refreshed after your small break.

FocusBooster is a way to keep yourself on track with an unobtrusive timer. I think it works better than the traditional egg timer because it doesn't make you jump out of your skin when it goes off.

You can set the FocusBooster timer to run in the background or to stay on top of your open windows at all times. The timer can be a long toolbar or shortened to a small box with the countdown visible.

When it's in the toolbar mode, the timer has a small progress bar that slowly changes color from green to red. This is great for people that are nervous around timers. All you have to do is glance at the color.

There is a sleek and easy-to-use settings menu that lets you customize your task time and break time. You can also toggle the "ticking" feature to be on or off during both your break and task time. Some people work better under pressure, but if it's too much you can always turn it off.

Download Instructions

On the FocusBoost site, click the big purple download button and follow the steps on the download wizard. The FocusBooster timer needs 1 GB of RAM to function, but most computers come with at least 2GB of RAM so you should be covered.

FocusBooster will ask to install a shortcut icon and to start the timer after the installation. Both of these options are fine to keep. There are no third-party advertisements or add-ons, so you don't have to worry about toolbars or other extra installations.

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