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Track down your stolen laptop

Track down your stolen laptop

Your laptop is so much more than a mobile workstation. It’s jam-packed with your personal information, sensitive data, photos and every bit of software or music you’ve ever downloaded.


It’s also an easy target for thieves.

Whether you’ve been robbed or simply misplaced your computer, you can get it back using Prey. It’s like a secret agent that lives in your computer, blocking any unauthorized access.

Once a signal is sent, Prey will not only triangulate your computer’s location using GPS or nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, it can also make a list of the thief’s activity or snap a photo of his or her face using the webcam.

You can also set off alarms and show an onscreen message telling the thief to return your laptop. Use Prey to lock down your data and hide your passwords too.

And your protection doesn’t end there. Prey will tell you all about the thief’s activity on your computer, hide your email data, and will scan your hardware to make sure everything is in its place.

To download Prey, click on the green Download Now button. It will configure itself to run on startup, so when your laptop is reported missing it will already be in the background, waiting to snap a photo of the thief.

Prey will ask you to create an account so that you can be contacted if your computer is stolen. Be sure to give an accurate email address so that there is no confusion or delay when Prey needs to contact you.

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