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Turn your computer into a wireless hotspot

Turn your computer into a wireless hotspot

Here's a common situation: You're sitting in an airport and it doesn't offer free Wi-Fi. You're stuck paying.


You have your laptop and your travel buddy has a tablet. Should you pay twice as much for Wi-Fi on both devices?

Or what if you have a wired Ethernet connection at your house? You don't have a dedicated wireless router, but you want to connect a Wi-Fi gadget.

Connectify Hotspot could be the solution to both problems. It is a free download that lets you turn your Windows 7 or 8 computer into a wireless access point.

This Wi-Fi network will show up on nearby receivers as a regular network. It can be encrypted using WPA-2 and it has basic firewall controls. Remember, it's always a good idea to protect your wireless connections from malicious snoops. Click here to learn how.

To download, click the purple Download Connectify button. This will get you the free trial version. It doesn't have as many features as the PRO version but it should be fine for most users.

If you do want to upgrade, Hotspot PRO lets you share cellular Internet as well. It can also use your computer as a wireless repeater to boost Wi-Fi coverage.

To download Connectify Hotspot Lite, you aren't required to give your email address. If you don't want any special offers or updates, simply uncheck the box and click Continue.

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