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Delete duplicate photos to save space

When you let duplicate files clutter up your hard drive, you’re basically letting valuable space go to waste! But how do you know which files are copies?


The most common type of duplicate files on most computers are pictures. Some editing and organization programs create copies automatically. Other times it happens during import or backup.

VisiPics does more than look for identical files. It scans for pictures that look identical. You’ll be able to view previews and comparisons. You can auto-select for higher resolution, smaller size and more options.

This free download recognizes JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, RAW, TIFF, TGA and PCX formats. It works fast and it’s pretty user-friendly.

Auto-Select mode can save you time and attention, but you can choose manual select if you’re worried about accidentally deleting something you want to keep.

Cost: Free

Link: visipics.info

System: Windows

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