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A free, lightweight music player

As programs evolve they tend to get complicated. Techies call this "feature creep" or "feature bloat." Adding new features causes programs to run slower and use more resources.


This is a problem if you have older hardware or only need a program that does one thing well. Fortunately, many developers recognize a need for targeted, lightweight programs.

That's why Foobar2000 exists. It is a lightweight music player that has one purpose - to play music. You won't get video downloading features or access to an app store.

Don't think lightweight is code for lacking. Foobar2000 has top-notch media management and playlist creation features. It handles almost every audio format in existence, and can edit audio file information. Plus, it has a high-quality audio processing engine that supports features like ReplayGain.

If you do want more features, they are available as additional components you can download and install. You can add support for more audio formats, improve audio tagging and upgrade the built-in equalizer.

Cost: Free

Link: www.foobar2000.org

System: Windows XP, Vista,and 7

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