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A better way to organize your programs

A better way to organize your programs
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These days, multitasking is a necessity. Between your browser window, word processing documents, spreadsheets, email, and more, your screen can get cluttered in no time.


And, unfortunately, too many open program windows can clutter your desktop and slow you down. When your machine isn't performing to its highest standards then you aren't able to, either.

I have the perfect solution to this problem. Desktops is the free virtual desktop program from Microsoft that works with Windows to let you create up to four virtual desktops.

This means that you can use more than one screen's worth of real-estate for your shortcuts and documents and assign certain programs to each virtual desktop view. For example, one virtual desktop can be designated for work information, the second desktop might be for Web browsing, another desktop could hold your music player and files and so on.

With these virtual desktops, you only view the program windows you need to see. It's an easier and clutter-free way to go about your digital day.

Don't worry about switching from desktop to desktop, you can create a special "hotkey" that will trigger a switch to your different desktops. It's just that easy.

Note: There are a few other virtual desktop programs available for PCs. However, I recommend this Microsoft program because it integrates better with Windows and uses fewer system resources. Your computer will benefit without getting bogged down.

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