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Turn your webcam into a spycam for free

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your house when you aren't home? How about checking to make sure your home is safe when you're on vacation?


You could buy a dedicated security camera, but odds are you already have everything you need. There are programs and apps available that turn a basic computer webcam into a full-featured spycam.

Sighthound (Windows, Mac) - A security camera that records days and days of footage isn't going to help you spot any funny business. You just don't have time to review it.

Sighthound allows you not only to set your camera to begin recording whenever motion is detected, but it also knows the difference between people and objects. You can even choose to detect movement in a specific area such as a door or window to help further narrow your frame of reference.

iCamSource (Windows, Mac) - You know the nagging feeling you get that something's wrong back at the house? Maybe you can't help but think you left the burner on or the cat is running amok or the babysitter is having a party. Put your mind at ease.

This free download works with almost any camera. It allows you to connect them to the Internet and view them from any computer with iCamSource software installed. If you're on the go, you can view your webcam feeds using your mobile device. The iOS and Android apps cost $5 each.

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