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Copy and move files in bulk

Organizing the files on your computer is good for your sanity. Unfortunately, moving files between folders or hard drives can take a while. Windows doesn't handle the operation quite as well as it could.


It can't make up its mind on how long the transfer will take, for example. If you step away, you might return to find that a file failed to transfer and stopped the whole operation. There are many things that can go wrong.

TeraCopy provides a better way. First it has clever buffering systems to speed up most transfers, especially between hard drives. That translates to less time spent waiting.

It lets you queue up the files you want to move or copy. It can even pull files from multiple locations. Then just click the start button. The process is much faster than dragging-and-dropping, although you can still do that, as well.

The program lets you pause active transfers so your computer can focus on other tasks. You can then pick up the transfer where you left off.

TeraCopy also handles transfer failures in a smart manner. Failed files are simply skipped and you can retry them later. They don't stop the entire transfer. You can go do something else and be assured your transfer will finish.

Cost: Free

Link: www.codesector.com

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