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Amazon Alexa commands you should be using

Are you like millions of others who are turning their place into a "smart home?" This, of course, means a home that is equipped with...
Cool Sites March 19, 2017

How to stop robocalls and telemarketing calls for good

Robocalls - those pre-recorded, unwanted phone calls - are at a record high. A record 2.49 billion robocalls were placed last month. If you’re...
Cool Sites March 9, 2017

Free disposable email addresses to boost your online security

Coupons for products you don't want. Money that could be yours if you just provide your account number. We've all seen junk messages like...
Cool Sites March 8, 2017

Easiest way to find your router's default IP address and password

Each time you buy a new router, it comes with default settings that need to be changed. But where can you find them? If...
Cool Sites February 8, 2017

Important to do: Test your router to see if it’s been hacked - Here's how

One of the easiest ways for scammers to hack your system is through your unprotected router. In fact, you may have already been hacked...
Cool Sites January 4, 2017

Download all the free software you want at the same time

Installing new software on your computer seems to take forever. You click through step after step to set your preferences and expectantly stare at...
Cool Sites December 21, 2016

Apple's accessibility options are amazing

Do you have trouble using some features on your devices? Maybe it's difficult to see the small fonts, or maybe it's tough to hit...
Cool Sites November 10, 2016

Keep your data private from wandering eyes with this free digital surveillance self-defense tool

The internet is full of snoops and spies, hackers and scammers. Could they be watching your every move online? Don't take that chance. This...
Cool Sites October 7, 2016

All your customer service problems solved with no hassle

Whatever the reason may be, there will come a time when you'll need to call customer service to resolve a problem with your gadget....
Cool Sites September 12, 2016

Send a fax for free - no fax machine needed!

Don't get stuck hunting for a fax machine. This site can help you send faxes for free!
Cool Sites September 2, 2016

Save money on printer ink

Printer ink is expensive, so don't waste it. Print only what you need to print with this powerful program.
Cool Sites January 11, 2016

How fast can you type? Find out on this cool website

You use a keyboard almost every day, writing papers, social media posts and emails. But just how savvy are you when it comes to...
Cool Sites December 4, 2015

Turn your idea into an app in minutes

A free site to build your own app in minutes, with low-cost options to upgrade.
Cool Sites November 5, 2015

Find the best network connection no matter where you are

Find the strongest cellphone signals and Wi-Fi connections in your area.
Cool Sites November 4, 2015

Work with a team of Silicon Valley pros to develop an app

If you've got an idea for an app, Gigster can help you turn it into a potential money maker.
Cool Sites November 4, 2015

The simple organizational tool you've been waiting for

Getting organized is a popular goal, but it's easier said than done. This online service makes it easier to get started.
Cool Sites October 25, 2015

Find your router's password fast (then change it!)

If you ever forget your router's password, this Cool Site will help you find it. (But then, immediately change it.)
Cool Sites September 28, 2015

Turn off Google listening to everything you say

You've spoken with Apple's Siri. Maybe you've given Microsoft's Cortana a try, or even Google Now's always-listening OK Google. All these virtual personal assistants...
Cool Sites September 3, 2015

Hundreds of free online tutorials and classes

There's no doubt that the Internet has transformed the lives of billions of people the past couple of decades, mostly in positive ways. Including,...
Cool Sites September 1, 2015

Can you run that game?

Have you ever tried to play a game on your desktop computer only to be shut down by a hard drive that won't cooperate?...
Cool Sites August 21, 2015
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