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Help archeologists spot sites all over the world

Have you ever wanted to see Machu Picchu, Stonehenge or the Pyramids of Giza? Now you can explore these famous locations from the comfort...
Cool Sites February 10, 2017

Download all the free software you want at the same time

Installing new software on your computer seems to take forever. You click through step after step to set your preferences and expectantly stare at...
Cool Sites December 21, 2016

10 amazing places you can visit with Google Maps' Street View

You don't need to leave the comfort of your own living room to travel to far away and exotic locations. Here are 10 amazing...
Cool Sites April 20, 2016

How to find a missing person - young or old

On any given day in the United States, nearly 90,000 people are classified as "missing persons." From the elderly with Alzheimer's who wander off,...
Cool Sites March 16, 2016

The steps you need to take to find a missing person

On any given day in the United States, nearly 90,000 people are classified as "missing persons." From the elderly with Alzheimer's who wander off,...
Cool Sites March 16, 2016

The money-saving website every car owner should use

Don't waste money on a car mechanic. This site has step-by-step videos to help you keep your car well maintained, and fix problems before...
Cool Sites March 2, 2016

How to get connected with a freelance writer, or get hired as one

Need to hire a freelancer? Here's how to get connected to one.
Cool Sites January 24, 2016

2015's most popular searches underscore a remarkable year

2015's most popular online searches defined a year.
Cool Sites January 16, 2016

Find the best deals on cellphones, credit cards, insurance and more

Need help choosing a new phone plan, credit card, insurance plan and more? This site makes comparisons easy.
Cool Sites January 7, 2016

How to deal with a broken CFL bulb

Two years ago, under pressure from the U.S. government, lightbulb makers stopped manufacturing the humble incandescent lightbulb. You can still find some on the...
Cool Sites December 9, 2015

Thousands of free online user manuals

Dealing with a possessed dryer and out-of-control toaster? Grab the manuals from this handy site.
Cool Sites November 29, 2015

Take a satellite view at the past

There are websites that use satellite images to hunt for hidden letters, and take photos of Earth from space, but now there's a site...
Cool Sites November 26, 2015

Avoid spam with a fake email address

Don't give out your real email address. Avoid spam and keep your inbox clean with this easy site.
Cool Sites October 11, 2015

Search the Web away from prying eyes

Browse the Web without giving up your privacy.
Cool Sites October 1, 2015

Search without Google tracking you

Keep the NSA and advertisers in the dark. Search online and keep your privacy secure with this alternative search browser.
Cool Sites October 1, 2015

An alternative to Google that protects your privacy and keeps kids safe

An alternative search engine that protects your privacy, and protects your children from inappropriate content.
Cool Sites October 1, 2015

Find out if your data has been compromised!

Has your email address been compromised? This site can tell you in a second if you're safe or unsecured.
Cool Sites September 8, 2015

Fun, free lesson plans for teachers

From math to reading, science and more, this Cool Sites brings fun, relevant lesson plans to teachers. And the best part is that it...
Cool Sites September 6, 2015

Find out who's really behind those 800 numbers calling you

Who's behind that 800 number that keeps calling you? This directory of unknown callers will help you find out.
Cool Sites August 24, 2015

View and compare statistics from cities and countries around the world

This website uses input from nearly a quarter-million users worldwide to provide information about the cost of living, crime, health care, traffic and more...
Cool Sites August 12, 2015
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