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Gorgeous FREE wallpapers of outer space

Are you ready to travel to space? If you're interested in all of its mysteries then you'll love these free wallpapers! From galaxies to...
Cool Sites May 21, 2017

Never miss another cosmic event!

Comets, eclipses, blood moons, and more - the night sky is filled with incredible sights. If you love skywatching, like I do, then you'll...
Cool Sites April 30, 2017

Track the 2017 solar eclipse

Something very exciting will happen this year. A total eclipse of the sun will pass over the entire country! When the big event happens,...
Cool Sites April 20, 2017

Help archeologists spot sites all over the world

Have you ever wanted to see Machu Picchu, Stonehenge or the Pyramids of Giza? Now you can explore these famous locations from the comfort...
Cool Sites February 10, 2017

Free lessons for math, science, computers and more

Have you ever thought about your education and wished that you would have studied more subjects? Maybe you're interested in computer programming or macroeconomics...
Cool Sites January 19, 2017

Watch the live feed from the International Space Station

When you were a child, did you ever dream of growing up to be an astronaut? It's a commonly chosen profession of children, along...
Cool Sites December 1, 2016

Easy way to learn new languages and improve your vocabulary

Did you ever want to learn a foreign language but just never got around to it? Learning new languages can be difficult, especially as...
Cool Sites November 30, 2016

5 sites where kids are learning but they don't know it

Learning new things doesn't have to be boring. Whether it's for kids or adults, these sites make learning fun again.
Cool Sites January 10, 2016

You'll be blown away by this stunning map of the wind

You'll love this stunning map of the wind. It's both informative and relaxing.
Cool Sites January 7, 2016

Find the best spot to watch the stars

This out-of-this-world site made exclusively for people who want to escape the big-city lights to take in the night sky's wonder.
Cool Sites December 18, 2015

Get the latest hurricane and storm updates

As I'm writing this, Hurricane Patricia is barreling toward the west coast of Mexico. The popular tourist destination of Puerto Vallarta and the heavily...
Cool Sites October 23, 2015

Learn about any animal with the San Diego Zoo

Learn lots of fun facts about hundreds of animals with the help of the San Diego Zoo.
Cool Sites October 17, 2015

Help paleontologists discover fossils and prehistoric human relics

If you ever dreamed about finding the next T. rex, Fossil Finder paleontologists need your help. Best of all? You won't get your hands...
Cool Sites October 6, 2015

Free access to more than 250 digital libraries and archives

You can do extensive research or just browse fascinating documents with this state-by-state listing of free digital libraries and archives.
Cool Sites August 15, 2015

40 maps that explain outer space

Learn fun facts about the universe with 40 great maps and fun facts that explain outer space.
Cool Sites August 13, 2015

Learn all about the ocean

Dive deep into ocean knowledge with today's Cool Site!
Cool Sites August 8, 2015

Follow your favorite tunes through space

Now there a Cool Site that hurdles you into space to see how far our favorite tunes have traveled since being broadcast here on...
Cool Sites July 24, 2015

Join Google's fun and free online summer science camp

Why does the sun shine? Why can't you tickle yourself? Find out the fascinating answers at Google's free online science camp.
Cool Sites July 12, 2015

Find the best place to watch the stars

Trying to find a dark spot to lay under the stars can be challenging in a big city, but with this Cool Site you...
Cool Sites June 13, 2015

Join the 'Maker Movement' and create amazing things

Have you heard of the maker movement? Join it now to get great DIY ideas.
Cool Sites May 28, 2015
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