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Sell your photography online even if you're not a pro

Are you a photographer or artist with some great creations to sell? Or maybe just someone who loves taking pictures? You can put your...
Cool Sites June 19, 2017

Find new releases with this awesome Netflix hack

Netflix is constantly adding new content, but sifting through all the options can feel overwhelming. If you're tired of wasting time hunting for something...
Cool Sites May 3, 2017

You really do look like Alexander the Great! Test your facial recognition to him!

Have people ever said you resemble a famous figure from history, like Alexander the Great? Now there's a way you can find out for...
Cool Sites March 26, 2017

Find exactly where shared photos were taken

If you've ever poked around on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, no doubt you've come across some breathtaking images. Have...
Cool Sites January 31, 2017

Find something random to watch on Netflix

There are so many great movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix. But sometimes having too many choices makes choosing what to watch...
Cool Sites December 8, 2016

Watch the live feed from the International Space Station

When you were a child, did you ever dream of growing up to be an astronaut? It's a commonly chosen profession of children, along...
Cool Sites December 1, 2016

Free tool to sharpen up blurry photos

Imagine this: you're sitting there with your grandchild and you're trying to take pictures to post to Facebook. After all, who doesn't want to...
Cool Sites October 21, 2016

Turn a bunch of photos into a gorgeous video

The photos you take are priceless. They capture moments that you want to hold onto forever. But there's more you can do with them...
Cool Sites October 14, 2016

Convert old VHS tapes into DVDs without lifting a finger

Instead of using a slide projector to display your vacation photos onto your living room wall, nowadays people just post the photos onto their...
Cool Sites August 24, 2016

A better way to store and share precious memories

Your family photos are priceless. Even more so with your home movies. You'll want to make sure they're taken care of - whether that's...
Cool Sites August 24, 2016

Take gorgeous photos and videos without buying expensive equipment

Photography is the perfect hobby for anyone with an eye for detail and creative flare. But the cost of cameras, lights and other equipment...
Cool Sites August 17, 2016

10 amazing places you can visit with Google Maps' Street View

You don't need to leave the comfort of your own living room to travel to far away and exotic locations. Here are 10 amazing...
Cool Sites April 20, 2016

The money-saving website every car owner should use

Don't waste money on a car mechanic. This site has step-by-step videos to help you keep your car well maintained, and fix problems before...
Cool Sites March 2, 2016

Create a fun photo slideshow

Combine your photos from multiple sources into one slideshow. You can add music, borders and other goodies right from the same window. Keep reading...
Cool Sites March 1, 2016

Easily create a photo journal, greeting card or invitation

Create world-class invitations, photo journals, greeting cards, newsletters and more. It's free, and you don't need to be creative; just have an idea you...
Cool Sites January 18, 2016

A collection of 180,000 works of art, literature and performance for free

New York Public Library's free digitized collection of art, photographs, manuscripts and live performances includes 672,000 items, and it's growing.
Cool Sites January 15, 2016

Image-recognition software finds photos on the Internet

Search the Web to see who's using your photographs. Or find the source of the photographs you want to use.
Cool Sites January 12, 2016

Edit, collaborate and post videos for free

Easily create, edit and share videos to Facebook and other social media sites for free. Create videos on your own, or collaborate with coworkers...
Cool Sites December 21, 2015

Take a satellite view at the past

There are websites that use satellite images to hunt for hidden letters, and take photos of Earth from space, but now there's a site...
Cool Sites November 26, 2015

See stunning photos of Earth from the International Space Station

See how Earth looks from the International Space Station.
Cool Sites November 19, 2015
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