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Never miss another cosmic event!

Comets, eclipses, blood moons, and more - the night sky is filled with incredible sights. If you love skywatching, like I do, then you'll...
Cool Sites April 30, 2017

World news streaming live 24 hours a day

Live TV news streaming from bureaus in Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, and London.
Cool Sites February 3, 2016

Streaming live news 24/7 from one of TV's most respected networks

One of TV's most respected newsrooms is streaming live 24 hours a day, for free.
Cool Sites February 3, 2016

Entertainment and news for U.S. military and their families

A fun and informative site that's geared toward U.S. veterans, active military, and their families.
Cool Sites January 6, 2016

Listen to thousands of radio stations around the world

Listen to thousands of radio stations from around the world.
Cool Sites November 28, 2015

Get the whole story with news from the left, right and center

You can't really understand an issue unless you know all of the angles on it. This Cool Site gives you the view from the...
Cool Sites October 12, 2015

Learn all about the ocean

Dive deep into ocean knowledge with today's Cool Site!
Cool Sites August 8, 2015

Create a custom online magazine

Get all the news that you want and create a custom online magazine, personalized to your tastes.
Cool Sites March 8, 2015

Real or satire? Find out with this myth-busting site

Some satire sites are so good at what they do, they tend to fool people. Find out if that article you read is news...
Cool Sites March 5, 2015

Listen to my Digital Minute and show clips for free

Want a daily dose of Kim? Subscribe to my iTunes podcast for the best advice on privacy, money and more from my show.
Cool Sites March 1, 2015

Thousands of UFO reports for the conspiracy theorist in you

Find out the truth behind those unidentified flying objects in the sky.
Cool Sites January 20, 2015

One click to opt out of Google Ads

Google just gave itself permission to use your name in advertising. Here's how to opt out.
Cool Sites January 17, 2015

Check out today's front pages

Get the best headlines from the Front Page around the world.
Cool Sites December 7, 2014

NY Times need your help to figure out old ads

The New York Times needs your help to preserve historical documents from the past.
Cool Sites October 21, 2014

Over 85,000 historical newsreel videos for free

Watching old newsreels is like stepping into a time machine. This website has footage from some of the most remarkable moments in history.
Cool Sites September 20, 2014

The go-to source for real-time sports news and video highlights

Get real-time news, video highlights, and scores on Super Bowl Sunday, and every day, for news on college and professional baseball, basketball, hockey, football,...
Cool Sites August 29, 2014

I hand-pick tech news 24/7 for you

Get all the information you need on the hottest news topics coming out of the tech world.
Cool Sites August 25, 2014

Check if your area is a hotspot for an epidemic

Concerned about West Nile, Avian Flu, or Ebola? This map can tell you exactly where it's spreading.
Cool Sites August 12, 2014

100 legacies from World War I that continue to shape our lives today

From politics to technology, the legacy of World War I is still alive in the world today. Learn more about it.
Cool Sites July 4, 2014