Health and Medical in Cool Sites

Be the first to know when there is a product recall

Keeping up with all the product recalls that can affect you and your family is an involved but necessary chore. Ignoring recalls can put...
Cool Sites June 13, 2017

Find out if your doctor takes money from drug companies

Doctors and health care providers don't just make money from your health insurance payments. Many doctors and hospitals also get paid from pharmaceutical manufacturers and...
Cool Sites May 14, 2017

See all your military benefits in one place

Keeping track of all the benefits that come with your military service, or that of your family member, can be complicated. Especially when you...
Cool Sites February 1, 2017

5 health tests you can take online

Let's face it. Improving your health isn't only about exercising more often. Keeping up with your regular check-ins should also be apart of that...
Cool Sites December 31, 2016

Set and achieve your New Year's resolutions with this helpful site

Sticking to your New Year's resolutions is a challenge each and every year. But I've got a little secret that makes it easy. Want...
Cool Sites December 28, 2016

Apple's accessibility options are amazing

Do you have trouble using some features on your devices? Maybe it's difficult to see the small fonts, or maybe it's tough to hit...
Cool Sites November 10, 2016

Take an online hearing test from home

Maintaining your health has never been easier than it is today. With all of the advances in technology, the medical field has been transformed...
Cool Sites November 2, 2016

Skip the doctor's office for basic checkups and prescriptions

The internet is full of health care information, but it's hard to know which sites to trust. And, even if you visit a trusted...
Cool Sites July 20, 2016

Fight Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia with tips from the Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's is devastating for 50 million people worldwide who suffer from the disease. But besides the patients, it can be even tougher for care...
Cool Sites March 16, 2016

Give yourself a color vision test

Give yourself a color vision test.
Cool Sites February 5, 2016

Talk through life's challenges with a trained listener

Chat online with a professional therapist or a trained listener for free.
Cool Sites January 27, 2016

A country music star blogs a heartbreaking tale

The highs and lows of life, captured in heartbreaking detail on a country singer's blog.
Cool Sites January 19, 2016

Take an eye exam at home, and get your prescription, too

Forget about going to the doctor's office. use this site to take a comprehensive eye exam from the comfort of your own home, get...
Cool Sites December 15, 2015

How to deal with a broken CFL bulb

Two years ago, under pressure from the U.S. government, lightbulb makers stopped manufacturing the humble incandescent lightbulb. You can still find some on the...
Cool Sites December 9, 2015

Test your sense of pitch to find out if you're tone-deaf

Are you tone-deaf? Test your sense of pitch with NIDCD's Distorted Tunes test.
Cool Sites November 13, 2015

Help fund medical research to end cancer

Stand Up To Cancer's mission is to accelerate research into treatments that can save lives. 100% of your donation goes to medical research.
Cool Sites October 7, 2015

Find the help you need in a crisis

We're bound to encounter a crisis in our life every now and again; when you don't know where to turn for help, this Cool...
Cool Sites September 22, 2015

Exercise your brain with these fun games

Have you lost a bit of your mental edge since your younger years? Or are you finding yourself forgetting things more often? Don't worry,...
Cool Sites September 12, 2015

Prescriptions and refills delivered right to your door

Never stand in line at the pharmacy again. Get your prescriptions delivered right to your door.
Cool Sites July 8, 2015

Recycle old paint safely and responsibly

In the past, I've told you how important it is to properly throw away or recycle your old tech gadgets. The same can be said...
Cool Sites June 24, 2015
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