Fun and Games in Cool Sites

Great site for the fishing and boating lover in your family

Need something fun to do on the weekend? Why not go outdoors and enjoy a day on the water. Fishing and boating are two...
Cool Sites June 7, 2017

You'll LOVE Google's new free feature

Stick figures may be as far as your artistic abilities go, but with Google's new free tool, that's enough! Turn those basic sketches into...
Cool Sites April 12, 2017

You really do look like Alexander the Great! Test your facial recognition to him!

Have people ever said you resemble a famous figure from history, like Alexander the Great? Now there's a way you can find out for...
Cool Sites March 26, 2017

3 fun sites to celebrate National Pi Day

"Pi" might be the most famous letter in the Greek alphabet. For centuries, Pi has been used to calculate the circumference of a circle....
Cool Sites March 13, 2017

Fun trivia and quizzes to keep your mind active

Looking for a way to train your brain? Love trivia? This site lets you build, play and compete in fun and interesting online quizzes....
Cool Sites February 26, 2017

Help archeologists spot sites all over the world

Have you ever wanted to see Machu Picchu, Stonehenge or the Pyramids of Giza? Now you can explore these famous locations from the comfort...
Cool Sites February 10, 2017

Set and achieve your New Year's resolutions with this helpful site

Sticking to your New Year's resolutions is a challenge each and every year. But I've got a little secret that makes it easy. Want...
Cool Sites December 28, 2016

Easy way to learn new languages and improve your vocabulary

Did you ever want to learn a foreign language but just never got around to it? Learning new languages can be difficult, especially as...
Cool Sites November 30, 2016

The best Secret Santa picker websites

In big families and small offices across the country, "Secret Santa" is one of the great holiday traditions. By picking random recipients and covertly...
Cool Sites November 25, 2016

10 amazing places you can visit with Google Maps' Street View

You don't need to leave the comfort of your own living room to travel to far away and exotic locations. Here are 10 amazing...
Cool Sites April 20, 2016

Explore Tanzania and find chimpanzees with Google Street View

Google has really outdone itself with the latest addition to Street View. It has just made Gombe National Park available and open to anyone,...
Cool Sites April 1, 2016

The newest game you won't be able to stop playing

Got some time to kill? here's the latest viral game you don't want to miss.
Cool Sites January 18, 2016

5 sites where kids are learning but they don't know it

Learning new things doesn't have to be boring. Whether it's for kids or adults, these sites make learning fun again.
Cool Sites January 10, 2016

Countdown to Christmas with Google Santa Tracker

The countdown to Santa's arrival has begun. Google tracks of his journey, while keeping kids entertained with interactive games, and asking for your help...
Cool Sites December 1, 2015

Turn your idea into an app in minutes

A free site to build your own app in minutes, with low-cost options to upgrade.
Cool Sites November 5, 2015

Brush up on the Star Wars galaxy before seeing "The Force Awakens"

Interact with the "Star Wars" galaxy months before "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" comes out.
Cool Sites October 22, 2015

37 fun and exciting games created for the graphic designer in you

Need to refine your graphic design skills? Do it by playing these fun games created with graphic designers in mind.
Cool Sites October 2, 2015

Can you run that game?

Have you ever tried to play a game on your desktop computer only to be shut down by a hard drive that won't cooperate?...
Cool Sites August 21, 2015

How to get on 'Jeopardy'

Study up and visit this site for your chance to meet Alex Trebek and appear on Jepoardy.
Cool Sites June 16, 2015

Play Wheel of Fortune $5K/day Challenge

Love Wheel of Fortune? Enter to win their sweepstakes and play the online game.
Cool Sites May 29, 2015
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