Financial and Money in Cool Sites

Get free money from Google

Are you running a nonprofit business? Imagine what you could do with $10,000 of in-kind advertising each month from AdWords, Google's online advertising solution....
Cool Sites April 9, 2017

Save big on surplus and confiscated items

Have you ever wondered where confiscated items from airport security end up? On average, the TSA seizes an estimated 750,000 items a year. That's...
Cool Sites April 3, 2017

Find the best deals on credit cards, insurance and more

Whether you're signing up for a new cellular plan, applying for a credit card, buying an internet connection, or anything else, you want to...
Cool Sites March 1, 2017

Best sites to help you with your taxes

Tax season is here and, if you're like many people, you probably prefer to do your taxes yourself with the help of tax software....
Cool Sites February 19, 2017

Fight bad spending habits (while still affording a few luxuries)

How savvy are you when it comes to your finances? You've probably had both good times and bad, like we all have. But whether...
Cool Sites February 3, 2017

See all your military benefits in one place

Keeping track of all the benefits that come with your military service, or that of your family member, can be complicated. Especially when you...
Cool Sites February 1, 2017

Free lessons for math, science, computers and more

Have you ever thought about your education and wished that you would have studied more subjects? Maybe you're interested in computer programming or macroeconomics...
Cool Sites January 19, 2017

Find out if you are making as much as your co-workers

Salary is a sensitive subject to talk about, especially while you're at work. Most companies frown upon employees discussing what they are being paid....
Cool Sites December 7, 2016

A great big list of free samples

Have you ever bought a product hoping it would be great, only to find out later it was a waste of money? You need...
Cool Sites November 9, 2016

All your customer service problems solved with no hassle

Whatever the reason may be, there will come a time when you'll need to call customer service to resolve a problem with your gadget....
Cool Sites September 12, 2016

A cool way to make money with your RV

Nothing says summer quite like a good camping trip. But if you're not a very outdoorsy person, being in a tent overnight with no...
Cool Sites August 12, 2016

3 easy ways to make money with your car, boat and RV

Who doesn't like having a little bit of extra cash stuffed inside their pockets? In today's world, there are so many options out there...
Cool Sites August 3, 2016

Find job postings before anyone else

Stop dealing with third-party recruiters and go right to the source for that job post.
Cool Sites June 1, 2016

Search thousands of job sites - at once

Looking for a job? Search thousands of job sites at once.
Cool Sites May 25, 2016

Earn money: Turn your car into a rolling billboard

I found a site that actually lets you earn money doing something you already do every day! Keep reading for more information on how...
Cool Sites May 24, 2016

High-quality photo printing

If you want to turn a handful of your photos into high-quality framed prints, stretched canvas hangings or other print styles, click here to...
Cool Sites May 18, 2016

The guide you need to read before you buy a new car

Buying a car is a big investment. The Parkers guide is one you need to read before you buy a new motor vehicle.
Cool Sites April 27, 2016

Easy programs to help you plan and enjoy a fulfilling retirement

Planning for retirement used to be hard. These days, websites can help you plan and save money so you can enjoy a long, fulfilling...
Cool Sites April 6, 2016

Make sure your survivors know who gets your physical and digital assets

You've spent your whole life working hard, so you can provide for your family. That includes after you're gone. Make sure there's no confusion...
Cool Sites April 6, 2016

Should I Quit My Job? Take the quiz and find out

Should I Quit My Job? Take the quiz and find out. A hard, bad or otherwise stressful day at work can leave you feeling...
Cool Sites March 23, 2016
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