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Get free money from Google

Are you running a nonprofit business? Imagine what you could do with $10,000 of in-kind advertising each month from AdWords, Google's online advertising solution....
Cool Sites April 9, 2017

Free courses from America's top universities

Stanford, Berkeley, Yale, MIT and Harvard are some of the most well-known and reputable universities in the world. And now, the internet has made...
Cool Sites March 19, 2017

See how much crime takes place in your neighborhood

Whether you're searching through real estate listings to find a new home, or have lived in the same neighborhood for over a decade, you're...
Cool Sites March 15, 2017

See all your military benefits in one place

Keeping track of all the benefits that come with your military service, or that of your family member, can be complicated. Especially when you...
Cool Sites February 1, 2017

Free lessons for math, science, computers and more

Have you ever thought about your education and wished that you would have studied more subjects? Maybe you're interested in computer programming or macroeconomics...
Cool Sites January 19, 2017

Improve your understanding of the Bible with support materials and sermons

If you regularly read the Bible, you know its messages help shape the person you are. Reading the Bible gives you guidance and comfort,...
Cool Sites January 10, 2017

Get notified when people read your emails

Do you remember when the internet started making its way into everyone's homes in the 1990s? It was such an exciting time. The possibilities...
Cool Sites December 30, 2016

More than 500 old-time radio Christmas shows to listen to

When you think of Christmas classics, you probably think about "It's a Wonderful Life," "The Grinch" or "A Christmas Story." But before TVs were...
Cool Sites December 21, 2016

Easy way to learn new languages and improve your vocabulary

Did you ever want to learn a foreign language but just never got around to it? Learning new languages can be difficult, especially as...
Cool Sites November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Menu planner is just perfect

Whether you're on a special diet this year or plan to cook up a traditional Thanksgiving meal, a menu planner really helps. Before you...
Cool Sites November 16, 2016

A great big list of free samples

Have you ever bought a product hoping it would be great, only to find out later it was a waste of money? You need...
Cool Sites November 9, 2016

Free Halloween pumpkin carving templates

Halloween is hiding right around the corner ... is your house ready? There are spooky decorations to put up, candy to be stocked and...
Cool Sites October 26, 2016

Turn a bunch of photos into a gorgeous video

The photos you take are priceless. They capture moments that you want to hold onto forever. But there's more you can do with them...
Cool Sites October 14, 2016

A better way to store and share precious memories

Your family photos are priceless. Even more so with your home movies. You'll want to make sure they're taken care of - whether that's...
Cool Sites August 24, 2016

An easy way to get discount theme park tickets

Don't pay full price when you're on vacation. Use this site to get discounted tickets to popular attractions in Florida.
Cool Sites July 27, 2016

The guide you need to read before you buy a new car

Buying a car is a big investment. The Parkers guide is one you need to read before you buy a new motor vehicle.
Cool Sites April 27, 2016

Life-saving site alerts you when kids go missing

All-volunteer site brings together police, cellphone providers, and radio and TV stations to find missing kids.
Cool Sites March 16, 2016

Report a missing person or find a loved one on this national database

Find a missing loved one or report someone who's missing on this national database.
Cool Sites March 16, 2016

A place for your dog to vacation

Going on vacation without your pet? This solution is much better than boarding.
Cool Sites March 10, 2016

Design the perfect garden with this inspiration-packed site

Ready for the weather to warm up so you can get back outside? If your garden or yard needs some sprucing up before spring,...
Cool Sites February 24, 2016
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