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3 sites to buy, maintain and sell your car

Your car gets you all over the place, whether it's to a soccer game, a business meeting, or an out-of-town vacation. Fortunately, you don't...
Cool Sites May 24, 2017

Buy and sell locally with this alternative that's better than Craigslist

Has your spring cleaning been productive? As you've been tidying up, I'm sure you've found a few things that you no longer need. It...
Cool Sites April 23, 2017

Simple Amazon price tracker to help you find the best deal

Sometimes getting the best Amazon deals can be a guessing game. The product you've had your eye on is 40 percent off. Do you...
Cool Sites April 5, 2017

Save big on surplus and confiscated items

Have you ever wondered where confiscated items from airport security end up? On average, the TSA seizes an estimated 750,000 items a year. That's...
Cool Sites April 3, 2017

Clever Amazon trick to get free shipping

It happens all the time, and it's so annoying! You're shopping on Amazon and when you check out, you see the added fee for...
Cool Sites March 22, 2017

Find the best deals on credit cards, insurance and more

Whether you're signing up for a new cellular plan, applying for a credit card, buying an internet connection, or anything else, you want to...
Cool Sites March 1, 2017

Fight bad spending habits (while still affording a few luxuries)

How savvy are you when it comes to your finances? You've probably had both good times and bad, like we all have. But whether...
Cool Sites February 3, 2017

Editor's Pick: A better way to shop

Finding the perfect gift is no easy task. puts thousands of items at your fingertips, but you still have to do all of...
Cool Sites January 18, 2017

See what glasses look like on you before you go shopping

Shopping online is a convenient way to get the things you need, but certain things might make you hesitant. Glasses are one of them....
Cool Sites December 7, 2016

The best Secret Santa picker websites

In big families and small offices across the country, "Secret Santa" is one of the great holiday traditions. By picking random recipients and covertly...
Cool Sites November 25, 2016

Calculate cellphone savings in a flash

Buying a smartphone has changed a lot in the past few years. Now that carriers have largely phased out their contract plans, you have...
Cool Sites September 21, 2016

eBay searching tool the pros know about

If you want to buy something on eBay, chances are you won't buy it without first looking at the product images. Keep reading for...
Cool Sites June 10, 2016

Streaming media player chart to cut the cord on cable TV

Find the best streaming media player for your family and you, so you can stream content like Netflix and Hulu on your TV set.
Cool Sites March 30, 2016

Instantly see how much your car is worth

Before you get ripped off, find out how much you should pay for a car. Or, find the value of your car before you...
Cool Sites March 2, 2016

Find your perfect car

Buying a car is a big investment. For the money you spend, you want a car that's reliable, maybe a little flashy, and you...
Cool Sites March 2, 2016

Take online classes at prestigious universities for free

Take free online classes from some of the world's most-respected universities, including Princeton and Stanford.
Cool Sites March 2, 2016

Tax help for small businesses and independent contractors

If you own a small business or you're self-employed, filing taxes on your own can be a struggle. This site walks you through each...
Cool Sites February 17, 2016

Prepare your own taxes with step-by-step instructions

Prepare your tax returns on your own with a little help from this great site.
Cool Sites February 17, 2016

The inexpensive way to prepare your taxes

Save money with this no-cost or low-cost online tax prep site for federal and state tax returns.
Cool Sites February 17, 2016

Find the best sites and apps to plan an affordable adventure

A one-stop resource for all the travel sites and apps that'll help you plan a really cool, affordable trip.
Cool Sites February 10, 2016
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