Audio and Music in Cool Sites

Wonderful sounds to help you relax at work

No matter what you do, work can be stressful. There are deadlines to meet, emails to keep up with and projects to manage. But...
Cool Sites November 3, 2016

Have James Taylor give you a free guitar lesson

There are guitar lessons, then there are guitar lessons.  Creating music is a great way to express your soul. What better way to learn than...
Cool Sites October 12, 2016

Thousands of free online courses to broaden your horizons

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Here are thousands of free online courses to broaden your horizons.
Cool Sites December 31, 2015

Test your sense of pitch to find out if you're tone-deaf

Are you tone-deaf? Test your sense of pitch with NIDCD's Distorted Tunes test.
Cool Sites November 13, 2015

127 hours of Mozart streaming for free

Spotify is streaming almost all the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with 127 hours of his compositions playing in chronological order.
Cool Sites November 7, 2015

Listen to Spotify on your computer

Streaming is the new king, and the new kind of streaming is Spotify.
Cool Sites October 30, 2015

Jazz aficionados will love this Cool Site

Listen to songs from throughout the history of the longest running jazz festival in the world - for free!
Cool Sites September 17, 2015

Save money with this cool guitar tuner

Running to the store to find a guitar tuner can be a hassle, and chances are, when you get to the shop they'll ask...
Cool Sites August 28, 2015

Follow your favorite tunes through space

Now there a Cool Site that hurdles you into space to see how far our favorite tunes have traveled since being broadcast here on...
Cool Sites July 24, 2015

A complete guide to bird sounds

Birds are amazing. Their ability to fly certainly is enviable. And many have stunning plumage.
Cool Sites April 24, 2015

Listen to chart-topping music over the decades

Listen to decades' worth of Billboard chart-topping music for free.
Cool Sites April 21, 2015

Listen to my Digital Minute and show clips for free

Want a daily dose of Kim? Subscribe to my iTunes podcast for the best advice on privacy, money and more from my show.
Cool Sites March 1, 2015

Create high-quality musical compositions for free

Are you a musician? This software lets you create and share music compositions from right within your web browser.
Cool Sites December 24, 2014

Trade in your old DVDs

How many DVDs do you have sitting around collecting dust? It's time to put them to work.
Cool Sites December 11, 2014

Free online hearing test

Test your hearing with this easy-to-use online tool.
Cool Sites November 3, 2014

Custom background sounds to suit your mood, meditation and purpose

Listen to a variety of free sounds on your computer for free.
Cool Sites October 27, 2014