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Search public records for free

Search public records for free
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There are plenty of reasons to research someone. You might be looking for ancestors to fill out your family tree. Maybe you just need to know if a potential romantic partner is on the up and up.


With just a little info, you can find out everything you need to know. You don't necessarily have to pay a service either. You can dig it up yourself!

Search Systems is a helpful tool for finding almost any kind of public legal document. It has guides to finding records for every state as well as some foreign countries.

Please read this before you visit this site: Throughout this site, you'll find ads for Intelius and Ancestry.com. These services are separate from Search Systems and will cost you money to use.

These ads may look like they're part of the site but they're not. For instance, nearly every page includes a blue and green "People Search" box. It's labeled as an advertisement.

You may be tempted to type in a name and find records using this "tool." It will show results and then require you to pay to see more. But it's just an ad. You don't have to click on it. That isn't how Search Systems works.

Search Systems doesn't compile or host any public records. It is a handy guide to finding the online home of public records on a state-by-state basis.

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