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Write and send letters the quick and easy way

The digital world is saturated with texts and instant messages. Social networks and emails make it simple to keep up with others. It's easy to dismiss the old-fashioned letter.


Well, the letter still has its place. There's something special about receiving a physical message.

Lettrs is a fun site that puts a new twist on writing letters. You can write a letter and have a physical copy sent directly to its recipient.

You will have to create a free account and register to get started. Or you can log in with your Google, Facebook or Twitter information.

From there, you can choose from 21 different paper themes. Then, simply type out your letter. You can save it for later, or choose "Deliver it Now" to send a physical copy to a physical address.

The prices vary depending on the paper you use. It can range from $2 to $8.

If you want a faster, free delivery, you can also send your letter digitally. Thanks to the themes, it's still more special than a regular email.

There's also an option for an "open letter." You attach this to your virtual fridge for everyone to see. Use the kitchen table tool to see the letters you have received. The shoebox tool lets you hang on to and save letters for later.


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