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4 sites to give yourself a checkup

From worries about minor aches and pains to other serious ailments, the Internet offers a wealth of health information. Unfortunately, much of it comes from questionable sources.


Well, now you don't have to worry what's what. I've rounded up some sites that are reputable.

While these sites won't replace a professional opinion from a doctor, they can help you do a little research and health tracking on the side.

MedHelp Blood Pressure Checker - The blood pressure tracker helps you keep a journal of your readings. You can record daily symptoms, track medications and treatments. You can even print out a copy of your tracker to share with your doctor.

Physician's Desktop Reference - In this desktop reference, you'll find a wealth of detailed information on prescription drugs. You can learn about proper dosages, potential side effects and substances to avoid while taking certain medications.

The Mayo Clinic Symptom Checker - Head to this site for worries about minor aches and pains to serious ailments.

Start by choosing a symptom and then answer a couple of questions about the symptom. You'll see a list of possible causes. It will help you decide when it's time to see a doctor.

The Longevity Game - Nobody can predict how long any of us has to live, but there are plenty of things you can do to increase your life expectancy.

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