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Was your Apple ID hacked?

Hacking group AntiSec allegedlybroke into an FBI agent's laptop in March and found a list of 12 millionApple gadget unique identifiers. As proof, AntiSec justreleased 1 million of these UDIDs online.

Some helpful coders made this simple tool to check whether your gadgets are on the list. Simply input your UDID to see if it was in the leak.


If you don't want to enter your whole UDID, you can input the first 5 to 10 digits and try to find it. If you UDID is listed, there isn't much you can do at this point. Stay tuned to my show and newsletters for more on this situation as it develops.

Note: If you don't know your UDID, plug your iPhone or iPad into any laptop with iTunes. Click on it in the Devices menu, and then click on the device's serial number. It will reveal your device's UDID. You can copy and paste it right into the tool.


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