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Make money by selling your art online

Make money by selling your art online
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Selling items online is a good way to raise extra money. You could set up your own website, of course. However, it takes time to create and market.


Instead, why not use a ready-made site? There are several arts and crafts sites online that help you sell your products.

Etsy.com is a marketplace for thousands of handmade items. It is totally free to create a store and keep it open. However, you will pay a per-item posting fee and a transaction fee.

The posting fee is 20 cents per item. That fee allows you to keep the item active for four months. Etsy also takes a 3.5 percent cut of every transaction.

If you deal in low-volume, higher dollar sales, Etsy is the place to be. You can recoup 20 cents easily with a single sale. With many other sites, you need to consistently sell inventory to break even.

Etsy is fairly strict about what itemsyou are allowed to post. All items must be handmade, vintage or related supplies. There's little for sale along the lines of used media or even user-made media like music CDs or e-books.

Be aware: Etsy does have a fairly strictmature content policy in place. However, it still allows adult items in certain categories and the rare product photocontaining partial nudity. Per the content policy, however, all mature items must have the mature label in the title. To avoidseeing mature items during searches, add "-mature" (minus quotes) to the end of your searches.

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Sell your handmade items online and earn money
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Sell your handmade items online and earn money

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