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Sell your e-book the easy way

NOTE: This site appears to be not working correctly at the moment. Please don't use it until I verify it is still safe. In the meantime, give this similar site a try.


E-books are insanely popular right now. Many people will be buying or receiving e-book readers this Christmas. It's a good time to sell that book you've been writing.

There are some obstacles, however, such has creating a store to sell your book. Setting up an online store is a lot of work for only one or two items.

That's where UploadNSell comes in. It lets you quickly create a store. It's perfect for selling a few digital items using your PayPal account.

Each product can be 30 megabytes and include five files. Just enter the product name and selling price. Then provide some basic contact information; no registration is required.

The site will generate a link to share online. Customers who click on the link will be taken to a PayPal payment page. After paying, they will receive an email with a download link.

Clicking the link will let them download the purchased product. Each customer will get a unique download link that expires quickly so it can't be shared illegally.

The service is entirely free. It makes money from advertisements in the download page. All the money from the sale goes directly to you - that is, after PayPal takes its commission.

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