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Get lost in huge mazes

Labyrinthine mazes date back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used them to protect mummified pharaohs. Greek myth describes one that was used as a prison for a beastly Minotaur.


Today, though, mazes are more about recreation. Human-sized mazes can keep people occupied for hours. The most popular human-sized mazes in America are made in cornfields.

Corn mazes have been around since the early '90s. These mazes are made by first planting the corn on a grid. As the corn grows, the walkways are mowed and then sprayed with herbicide.

MAiZE and MazePlay are two websites that show off some cool pictures of these huge mazes. Usually, each maze has its own theme. You can also use these sites to find a maze near you. Don't get lost!



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