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Easily calculate depth of field

A fundamental part of photography is keeping your subject in focus. Blurry photos don't really look good hanging on the wall. Sometimes, however, focus is used selectively as an artistic tool.


For example, you may choose to make a portrait with your friend in focus and the background blurred to eliminate distractions. Maybe you're taking a landscape shot while on vacation and you want the entire scene to be in focus with no distance blur.

In both of these situations, you want to exploit depth of field to get the best effects. Depth of field refers to a narrow field of view that is in focus.

Depth of field is one of the more advanced aspects of photography to master. It is largely controlled by your camera's aperture setting. The aperture is the part of the lens that allows light into the camera.

However, there are other factors that can affect depth of field. Unless you're a seasoned photographer, it can be difficult to achieve the depth of field you are seeking.

That's where DOF Master can help. This depth of field calculator lets you enter information about your camera, its settings and the scene. The calculator will then help you determine the correct depth of field.


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