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6 sites to prepare the best Thanksgiving feast

How do you prepare your Thanksgiving feast? Are you a fan of the traditional oven-roasted turkey or do you prefer to live dangerously and deep fry your bird?

Whatever method you choose, I've found a few sites to help get you get everything ready for your Thanksgiving meal. These sites have helpful tips, tricks and tried-and-true methods to give your every advantage in the kitchen.


And do you have any plans for decorating? Get great tips on how to maximize your current décor. You can make some easy, custom decorations for your Thanksgiving table in no time at all.

And don't forget about my free wallpapers! There's no reason why your tech gadgets can't get into the spirit of the holidays too. Click here to get the best free wallpapers and Facebook covers around!

LouAna's site - You can't be a chicken with this turkey recipe! Deep frying has become a popular way to prepare this Thanksgiving staple. Frying locks in the juices, making the meat succulent. And, the turkey doesn't come out greasy, like you might expect.

If you've never tried frying a turkey, visit LouAna's site. Its tips and step-by-step instructions will get you going. Be sure to read the safety tips! How does William Shatner fry a turkey? Click here to find out.

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