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Visit your doctor without leaving home

Visit your doctor without leaving home
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Do you have a cold or the flu? How about a chronic illness, or even an addiction? Or maybe it's someone else in your family who needs some medical attention. One of the biggest flaws within the health care industry is that you're at the mercy of your doctor's schedule. When you're running a fever late at night, or catch the flu over the weekend, you have to wait days to get an appointment.

If you're in a remote area of the country, it can be even worse because hospitals and clinics are few and far between. And if you're too ill to move then you have to rely on someone else to take you to and from appointments.

Good health care shouldn't have so many restrictions. Wouldn't you rather see a qualified health care professional right from the comfort and security of your own home? You actually can! A company called American Well has a service that allows patients to meet with licensed medical professionals over the internet.

How it works

American Well gives patients access to a large network of certified physicians that are practicing all over the United States. Their doctors can help with more than just ailments and injuries; you can be connected to experts who specialize in nutrition and psychology too.

Once you set up your profile, your medical history and contact information is saved so that you don't have to keep filling out forms. Log into your account to see a list of physicians who are available to chat.

Your doctor will assess your health through your webcam or camera phone to determine a diagnosis. When the virtual visit is over, the doctor's instructions and treatment plan are sent to you through the app or site, and your prescription is sent to the pharmacy. Watch the video below to see how it all works.

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The service also allows up to eight people to join the conversation. Your primary care doctor can invite a specialist to speak to you about specifics of a procedure. Or you can add your caregiver and your family members to the video chat so that everyone can learn about post-treatment care.

Multiway Video is just one of the services that American Well offers. They also have a FREE app for both Apple and Android, and several other services that use technology to connect doctors, caregivers and patients.

Getting started with American Well is a simple process. You'll just need to enter your name and email address and create a password for your profile. After that, select the state you live in, enter your insurance information (if applicable/not required), and you can instantly begin looking for medical specialists. You can also click "Schedule an Appointment" to book a visit right away!

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more, and if you'd like to get a special discount be sure to enter promo code KIM!

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