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Apple's accessibility options are amazing

Apple's accessibility options are amazing

Do you have trouble using some features on your devices? Maybe it's difficult to see the small fonts, or maybe it's tough to hit the right buttons with your fingers.

If there's anything that makes it challenging to use your iPhone, iPad or Mac, Apple is aiming to make things easier. In fact, it put a website together to inform you of the accessibility features that are available.

Switch Control, Live Listen, VoiceOver, Speak Screen - these are some examples of the different tools Apple has designed to help people use its products even if they have disabilities.

Watch this video to see these tools in action.

There are also ways to use Siri along with HomeKit and voice commands to turn lights on and off, start your coffee machine, open the blinds, etc.

Display settings on your devices, including your Apple TV, can also be customized with different color filters.

Finding the accessibility options for your device is easy. When you pull up the website, scroll down to the bottom and click the icon for Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch or TV.


From there, Apple breaks down the different options you have to make your device work better for you. The iPad, for example, has filters that are specifically designed to help people see the screen more easily. Especially, those who have low vision.

"We believe that technology should be accessible to everyone." This is the message the website boasts, and we agree.

To check out Apple's amazing accessibility options, click the blue button below.

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