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Repair or sell your iPhone, iPad or iPod

Repair or sell your iPhone, iPad or iPod
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Oh no! You were reaching for your iPhone and it slipped out of your hands. Now it's got a giant crack across the screen. What should you do?


You obviously don't want to shell out the money for a whole new phone if you can help it. Fortunately, you can pay much less to replace the screen.

I know people who have replaced their own iPhone screen and it works. Of course, you might not have the time or confidence in your tech skill.

In that case, you can contact iCracked and get an iTech to come to you and fix your gadget for you - it handles both Apple and Samsung gadgets. iCracked can do a complete iPhone screen replacement in the time it takes for you to do the grocery shopping.

On the iCracked site, choose your gadget make and model, the color, your mobile provider, and the problem. Then enter your location to receive service options for your area. You can choose between On-Demand Repair, Mail-In Service, and a Do-It-Yourself kit.

On-Demand Repair offers a professional screen replacement with a lifetime warranty on the work. You get you to choose the meeting place, so you can even have it done at work.

You will need to provide your full name, a valid email address, and a working phone number. An iTech in your area will contact you by text message and arrange a price for services and a meeting time.

Note: The cost of replacement and repair may vary, as iTechs set their own prices. Some repairs may need overnight care to ensure that the sealing process is complete when replacing a screen.

You can also sell your gadget through iCracked, even if it's busted. Choose your gadget make and model, your mobile provider, the storage capacity and the color.

You'll have to answer questions about the condition of your gadget, and then iCracked will give you a quote. If you accept the quote, you can choose Express Sell Service or Mail-In Service.

Express Sell Service will send an iTech to you to purchase the phone. The tech will give you a pre-loaded debit card for the quote amount. The Mail-In Service requires you to send in your gadget and you will be paid through check or PayPal.

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