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Name the hotel price you want, let hotels bid for your business

Name the hotel price you want, let hotels bid for your business
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Making travel plans can really be a strain. It takes time and know-how to get the very best prices on your hotels, and you're always left wondering if you really got the best deal.

If you're tired of second-guessing your deals on travel accommodations, then give BackBid a try. This site finds you deals by letting hotels bid for your business.

A little-known secret of the hotel industry is that hotels like to keep their rooms full. So when they have free rooms, they'll lower their prices to fill them up.

BackBid acts as a go-between to help you find these deals. Here's how it works.

Create a BackBid profile and add your planned travel dates. Hotels will start offering you deals for that time period, and BackBid can send you email alerts when each bid comes through. That's all there really is to it.

Bonus Tip: You can also add any reservations you've already made to give other hotels a price to bid against, and it does help.

When a hotel offers a great deal, be sure you don't sit on it for too long. Most hotel deals won't last forever, so if you find a great deal that fits your travel plans, take it.

When you accept a deal, you will need to enter your credit card information to purchase the deal through BackBid. BackBid says that it does not collect and personally identifiable information, but if you click out to third party hotel or travel sites you should check their privacy policies as well.

And if you like BackBid, you can sync up your BackBid account with your TripIt account to get the best possible deals on your travel accommodations.

Very Important Note! Read this before buying anything: Payment is due when you make your hotel reservation, not when you check in to the hotel. Once you accept a bid offer, there is no cancellation, date change or refund available unless otherwise specified by the hotel. So be sure that the deal you purchase is the one you really want.

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