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3 ways to check out your neighbors

You can live next to people for years and never get to know them. Who are they? What are they doing, just beyond that...
Columns March 25, 2017

How to do a free background check online

Suppose a new guy moves into your neighborhood. Let’s call him Bobby Smith. Before his moving van is even unpacked, Bobby introduces himself. But...
Columns March 4, 2017

5 tech myths you should stop believing

Like the old wives’ tale advising you not to go outside with wet hair or else you’ll catch a cold, everyday gadgets come with...
Columns February 25, 2017

Q&A with Kim: Nosy smart TVs, scanning receipts, debit card hijackers, and more

Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about all things digital. This week, I'm covering new ATM skimmers, keeping track of...
Columns February 3, 2017

Hack-proof your life: 5 key steps to boost your safety online

At this moment, someone wants your information. Hackers covet your email account, your home address, and your social security number. They want to commandeer...
Columns January 7, 2017

Massive Attack: One thing your router needs now to keep hackers out

The recent massive cyber attack will happen again. And next time, it could much worse. Do this one thing with your router to keep...
Columns October 22, 2016

New password rules make them easy to remember and more secure

I'm no longer using passwords that look something like this: W7s@Pq!. They were very difficult to remember and extremely frustrating to enter, especially using...
Columns September 3, 2016

5 ways to lock down your Facebook account for maximum security

You probably spend more time than you care to admit on Facebook. It’s a safe bet that hardly any of it is spent nosing...
Columns July 23, 2016

Why you should wrap your keys in aluminum foil

Your car is always listening. Not for your voice, but for an electronic signal from your electronic key fob. If it's a newer car...
Columns July 7, 2016

5 password mistakes far too many people make

Facebook, Netflix and other companies are urging you to update your passwords now. They're worried hackers who've stolen hundreds of millions of passwords are...
Columns June 8, 2016

3 new Craigslist scams spreading now

If you use Craigslist to buy or sell locally, you know that you have to be careful. Three new scams are hitting Craigslist. Here’s...
Columns May 21, 2016

Stop Google from knowing every move you make

If Google ever chooses a corporate anthem, I vote for "Every Breath You Take" by The Police, which includes the possibly sweet/possibly creepy promise...
Columns March 19, 2016

Facebook is watching and tracking you more than you realize

Facebook is watching and tracking you more than you realize
Columns March 12, 2016

Don't click any email link or web link before asking these questions

There are some important questions you can ask first that will give you a good idea if the link is safe or not.
Columns March 5, 2016

3 biggest security threats of 2016

You can hardly look at tech news without seeing reports of viruses, Trojans, data breaches, ransomware, remote hacking, ATM skimmers and plenty of other...
Columns January 9, 2016

Stop skimmers from stealing your money

One of the more successful tools of 21st century crooks is the skimmer. Thieves attach them to ATMs, gas pumps and other places people...
Columns December 5, 2015

Stop stores and airports from tracking your movements

Did you know that for several months Wal-Mart tested a facial recognition system that can pick an individual out of a crowd and track...
Columns November 28, 2015

3 Facebook scams spreading like wildfire

What online site lets crooks, hucksters, and scammers potentially reach more than a billion people with a single post? You guessed it, Facebook. Right...
Columns November 21, 2015

3 search sites that don't track you like Google does

Google is the go-to site for most people when they need to find something online or learn new information. Unfortunately, while Google is great...
Columns October 17, 2015

5 dangerous apps you don’t know your kids are using

If you're a parent or grandparent, you know that kids pick up the latest technology lightning fast. Of course, that means the children in...
Columns October 12, 2015
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