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Friend's posts driving you bonkers? Filter them!

Friend's posts driving you bonkers? Filter them!
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You're checking out your Facebook news feed during your lunch break, and there's your dear friend Lisa kindly giving away the surprise ending of the movie you planned to see this weekend.


Erin, meanwhile, has just posted the 17th picture/video of the puppy she adopted a few days ago.

And sure enough- crazy Uncle Bob has checked in with another screed about the presidential campaign. You love him. But one more rant and you swear you're going to unfriend him!

As Election Day nears, extreme political posts can be especially maddening. Crazy Uncle Bob has a lot of kindred spirits on social networks, and more of them come out of the woodwork every day.

A Pew Research Center survey earlier this year found that 38 percent of social network users have been surprised by some of their friends' political views. In what could be viewed as a win for tolerance and free speech, though, 82 percent of social media users said they didn't take steps to disconnect with someone because of differing views.

Thanks to a variety of tech tips and tools, you can screen out a lot of the noise without alienating friends and family members, or unplugging yourself from the Internet.

It's easy to block updates from Facebook friends who are temporarily getting under your skin. Hover over your friend's name, then hover over the Friends menu and deselect Show in News Feed.

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